5 Exhilarating Online Platforms to Refurbish Your Advertising Needs

Traditional marketing – while still effective – is not enough; television advertisements, billboards, or newspaper ads will no longer be able to do the job alone; everyone has to go the extra mile. This era is filled with technological advancements, everything is fast-paced, and on the go! People have shifted from televisions to mobile-friendly applications that let them watch whatever they want, regardless of where they are; newspapers are read more in e-formats as compared to physical newspapers; and when they search for a product or service that they need, they choose to use Google Search Engines to accumulate related searches instead of going through physical catalogs.

One of the most successful marketing strategies these days is using social media platforms to create and maintain site traffic. Social media marketing has various benefits and can be done through a number of platforms to update your social media marketing game.

Social media marketing

Most part of the global industry is no longer solely dependent on traditional marketing methods that have been successful over the years but instead are employing recently developed methods such as digital marketing. The global market is now shifting to social media marketing, but before discussing the social media phenomenon any further, let’s first deal with the basic question: What is Social Media Marketing? Amongst the many different marketing strategies, social media marketing is one of the most effective strategies that yield quicker results. The main aim of social media advertisements is to target users on social media platforms, to create engaging posts that circulate enough to create traffic for our brands.

Social media advertisements are more effective because these platforms generate relevant information from their users and showcase advertisements accordingly. This serves the purpose of targeting the right audience, without it being time intensive. Social media advertisements are according to customer demographics, and often repetitive, so even if customers aren’t consciously looking at your ads, the ads will be in the back of their heads. Creating social media ads involves a step by step process that needs to be carefully overlooked:

  • Creating a strategy
  • Planning the posts and publishing them
  • Being active on engagements with your posts
  • Create Analysis reports to learn about feedback
  • Advertise!

5 Online Platforms to Use for Advertising

  1. Facebook:
    Facebook has one of the highest user traffic, with 2.41 billion active users on a daily basis. Facebook can often be the social media platform that generates the advertising perks that your business needs. Facebook has the user information needed to target audience, whether you’re trying to launch a new business, create brand awareness, or just launching a new campaign! Facebook has often been the reason why businesses who invest in social media marketing get astonishing ROI for their brands.

  2. Instagram:
    Instagram is next in line to Facebook when we talk about effective social media marketing, it has about 500 million active users on a daily basis. Instagram uses hashtags to create trends, much like Twitter, so if your advertisements focus photo-sharing techniques paired with effective use of hashtags, your products, company, or services will be trending on Instagram with little or no effort.

  3. LinkedIn:
    LinkedIn is a professional networking site that helps boost social networking for businesses with individuals, regardless of their geographical locations.LinkedIn is used to connect with people, build effective business profiles, and to make sure that you connect with the clientele that you are looking for.
  4. YouTube:
    YouTube is a platform that various businesses are now using to post animations and other visual aids that help the audience gain information and develop an interest in it. YouTube can both have advertisements put up on other videos, or create explainer videos to act as advertisements themselves.
  5. Twitter:
    Twitter is an excellent tool for microblogging, it presents with a short concise message while making sure that there is engagement from consumers. The content produced for twitter is specific and therefore is not time intensive.

Types of Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing can be done in a multitude of ways. Some of the widely used and effective methods include:

  1. Social Networking:
    Social networking consists of businesses that make use of expanding their names, through forming connections with other businesses or customers. These connections can be made through individuals, usually through social media platforms that include Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google+.
    Social networking can benefit a company that is trying to increase its brand image because it lets businesses’ network without restriction to their demographics, social media is a large platform where people from all walks of life are connecting with one another.
  2. Microblogging:
    Microblogging is an effective way to deal with campaigns that require short content that provides more engagement with customers. Microblogs share short posts/messages online to create some sort of engagement with the targeted audience.
  3. Photo sharing:
    Photo sharing is a digital marketing technique widely used on social media platforms such as Instagram, Snapchat, and Pinterest. These websites display pictures that can be used as an advertisement for the brand. Some people prefer using pictures of the product, others use informational pictures, while some only use a professional logo to create an impression.
  4. Video sharing:

Many businesses have resorted to publishing explainer videos, or other 2D/3D animations to get the attention of their targeted audience. They use platforms such as YouTube, Facebook Live, and Vimeo to reach out.

Benefits of Social media marketing

How social media marketing is effective, is the real question: social media marketing helps transform our branding techniques. Amongst the many benefits of using digital advertising, some are listed below:

  • It is Cost-Effective:
    Previous marketing methods included investing heavily in flyers, billboards, and newspaper ads. While these are still ways that are opted for when creating marketing strategies, companies can opt for cost-effective ways to market through social media platforms instead. It saves the cost of investing huge amounts in printing and buying advertisement slots.

  • Increased Brand Awareness:
    Social media helps get things viral pretty quickly, this helps companies generate more brand awareness, this happens through constant sharing, pop up advertisements, and various other frequently done activities on social media.
  • More Inbound Traffic:
    Social media advertisements help create increased inbound traffic by making these advertisements SEO friendly. Increased inbound traffic means that the search engines are cultivating more and more results for your company which is making your brands profitable, with increased viewership, and increased brand loyalty.

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