6 of the Most Famous Tech Gurus and Their Success Stories

Just like behind every successful man there is a woman exactly like that, where there is a profitable business you will find stakeholders, investors, customers and a whole bunch of people involve in making it fruitful.

How these tech company grew faster, healthier and stronger day after day? This is because the share of idea, involvement and trading off their basic needs to the opportunities of the present had what made these companies sustainable.

We are going to talk about how these leaders, innovative Geeks and gold successors have proven the world their struggles, efforts and unusual mind set and out of the box ideas that help them to be called as Teach Gurus.

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Successful stories of 6 famous tech Gurus of all times.

Larry Page and Sergey Brin| Google.

Danielle Weisberg and Carly Zakin| TheSkimm..

Vishen Lakhiani | Mind Valley.

Jeff Smith| Smule.

Rometty| chairwoman of IBM…

Jack Dorsey | Twitter.

Successful stories of 6 famous tech Gurus of all times 

We look up to Steve jobs, bill gates and Mark Zuckerberg hereby knows a lot about their successful history, struggle and how this journey led to the popularity gain. There has been endless article writing at Content Majestic done previously, the list of those tech Gurus has been update now. Therefore, many new people have come up to share the stories of success and how this all begin.

Following are the names….

Larry Page and Sergey Brin| Google

These two young man are the owners of biggest search engine platform Google. Larry page who was a student of Stanford University obtain a degree in doctorate of computer science. And Sergey Brin who was already a student in the school. Both did not had a best buddy type relationship as their brains do not match with each other. As Page initiated the research of how the website is linked between one another and this process become the part of their research project which was named as backrub.

This project was deliberately explored to connect links between websites to check the sites authority. In the year 1996, Page successful research begin to show results as the web crawler begin to explore the web. Eventually time pass by, Page and Sergey decided to form a corporation which was first started in a garage.

Danielle Weisberg and Carly Zakin| TheSkimm

These two girls are the successful owners of their business theskimm. An email newsletter company who has almost 5 Million subscribers where they consume all sorts of news in a daily basis. These two charming individuals met in abroad while studying in Rome. The got mutually connected as their love for artichoke let their bond stronger. The website content writing service mostly take help from this authentic news sources like theSkimm in their articles and blog writing. 

They got an idea of creating such a master piece by their job in NBC news as a producer where their friends use to ask them about latest news and buzz feeds. Theskimm choose the most necessary news of the day and convey their readers in a conversational tone that easy to comprehend.  This is also very true that the credit card debt has been recently paid off said by the owner.

Vishen Lakhiani | Mind Valley

Mind valley co-founder has turned his passion in education into a coaching app which has now become a profitable business. The main goal of this venture is to educate and promote transformative learning ideas that every educational institute has ignored.

It has called the personal growth platform where more than 12 million students lead their life with preparing themselves for the future. The mission is to fill the educational gap where around the world students get involved, learn from world best teachers.

His life was just miserable as it as for many other successful entrepreneurs, however one thing was for sure, the movement of doing something extraordinary and different had bring Vishen this far to the success.

As failure begin a close friend to him he then figured out a way to resolve it through meditation, he suddenly start seeing positive changes. He starts a small website where building sites to authors in personal transformation was just an initiative.

Jeff Smith| Smule

The popular most product of Jeff where 35 million people are already aware of. He is the founder of an application program and platform for music creation and collaboration.

He had done his PHD program from Stanford University where he studied computer music and his thesis named Correlation analysis of encoded Music performance. The main reason for the thesis was to documented cultural of music performance interpretation. The innovation to create a mobile app that could instrument IPhone microphones.

Rometty| chairwoman of IBM

she is the first lady to become one of the leading CEOs for a well-known company. She is the spokesperson a wise lady to turn her hard work into success while working for IBM since 1991. She was basically hired for system engineering but gradually marked her space into the department of global sales, marketing and strategy. After become the head of the company she initiated new components such as analytics, cloud computing and cognitive computing system in IBM. 

Jack Dorsey | Twitter

There are millions of users on twitter who are transforming newer hashtag famous and more buzz news spreading day after day. However, this incredible discovery has been invented by Jack is a businessman and also a Web developer plus a CEO of square a mobile payment company. He is the first one to establish microblogging service which is now a huge hit.

During his teenage days he used to write different bunch of ideas into a note book, neither he had money to fuel his ideas nor he had such resources. However, after becoming an adult he found his note book where the idea of twitter was roughly written. He got his plan into reality by a friend and this idea got its remarkable ground.

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