Clothing Instructions for Tourists in Dubai

So what to wear? In this article, you will find practical advice on what to wear in Dubai as a tourist and real-life examples. For Muslim countries which clothes are suitable is so much dependent on which country and places you visit. In cases of doubt, always use the safer style (arms and legs covered) and if they have to cover their hair, women tourist should also wear an extra thin headscarf. Women usually seek advice, but men should also know local habits, as they may need to wear long pants, a shirt and closed shoes on occasion. 

This simple wear guide should help you to make your trip to Dubai easier and safer.

What to wear in Dubai: Suggestions for travelers

 In reality, in terms of clothing, Dubai is very relaxed and open-minded. The apparel is as foreign as the public. You’ll see people in Dubai wear all kinds of clothes from shorts and trendy t-shirts to burqas. But remember that this is a Muslim country and that you are a guest. Again, go for the’ safer’ choice if in doubt.

What to wear in UAE mosques, traditional markets, and rural areas?

You’ll be around many more local and Muslims from other countries than expats or western tourists in the Old part of Dubai where traditional markets like Spice Souk or Gold Souk are located. If you dress more conservatively, you’ll be much easier and avoid the trouble.

You should leave the hotel better with sleeveless blouses and shorts if you intend to go to some rural areas in the Emirates or visit a mosque. Covered arms and legs are advisable for both men and women, and inside the mosque, women have to cover their hair. Non-Muslim visits to mosques typically have suitable clothing if available.

What to wear in Dubai desert safari?

A tour of the Dubai desert is one of the most popular outsides of the city. Pants, shorts, or Capri (no skirts, mini shorts), and a shirt or a blouse are recommended for me. Don’t forget sun protection! It’s normally really warm in the Dubai Desert, so wear light clothing to protect against the sun. When we visited the Desert in December it was very cold, so when you encounter the same extremely cold weather take a sweater in the desert or even a jacket because at Evening Desert Safari gets cold. Sandals or closed shoes depends on what you want.

What to wear in Dubai hotels, restaurants and malls?

Most Dubai malls, dining centers, and hotels ask clients to dress modestly and advise them to cover their knees and shoulders. We’ve also seen many people who didn’t suit in this category and nobody seemed troubled. You can wear everything you want in Dubai as long as you stay in very touristy squares (hotels, malls…). When you visit during the Ramadan, the laws may be more rigorously enforced. 

Most high-end restaurants require men to wear long pants and closed shoes, women are always allowed to wear sandals. Beachwear’s are just for beaches, so don’t take a bikini or swimming shorts to a restaurant.

Definite Pack Up for Dubai

Dubai is almost the same as packaging for any other warm place. There are therefore only a few tips.

First, ensure that you are fitted with a summer coat that you can use to cover your head, shoulders or knees if necessary.

Secondly, wear cozy summer sandals. With the walking sandals, you will look a little out of the place. To children and men during the day, athletic sandals are all right.

Thirdly keep a scarf with you 24/7 just in case of emergency.

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