Every lawn freak this summer: An ultimate ride to their minds

With the sun shining and the humidity ready to make us feel hotter than ever, we’re all set to go back from cotton to lawn. Being Pakistanis, we can’t help but look up to wearing lawn as soon as the winters are over. And every one of us goes crazy over this fabric to a point where lawn should be named as ‘The National Fabric of Pakistan’.

Everyone is crazy after lawn sales!

Believe it or not, we’re crazy after lawn. As soon as we find the winters leaving, we start taking out the stock we saved from the summer clearance sales the year before to get them stitched because in our opinions ‘We don’t have enough clothes as the season has changed’. We look for designs to get them stitched and throw the clothes right at our tailors’ faces and ask them to stitch the clothes as soon as they can because we don’t have enough clothes to wear.

Then, we relax and wait for a designer or a brand to announce the volume one of their summer collection. As soon as the summer volumes are announced, we look at the catalogs thoroughly of every brand on their pages, all set to buy the suits before they go out of stock because why not? Although, probably two months later, you will find hundreds of copies of the same suit you’re wearing in the local market, and there might be a possibility that your maid is wearing the same copy of the suit you bought.

The hype around ready to wear collection!

That is what the people who can afford the r of a normal lawn collection by a designer would do. The prices of the lawn collections are so high sometimes that every mediocre person waits for the sale to arrive because the lawn is an obvious basic necessity which nobody in Pakistan can afford to live without.

The crazy tales of sales!

Well, we all know what happens as soon as sales arrive. We find nail-clawing aunties ready to rip the hair off our heads just to buy their favorite suit. We find ladies pushing each other, fighting each other and snatching the lawn pieces off each other’s arms even when they know that it’s not their size, or their daughter’s, or sister’s. But who cares, right?

And the same will happen to the volume two and the third, in the annual s and the independence sale because we’re not just people who like wearing lawn, we’ve become people who will go crazy after lawn. Why would a person not be in love with the beautiful vibrant colors, the soft material, and the diverse designs?  So, I guess it’s totally okay to be a lawn-loving person. But, just try not to kill each other in a sale.

The trend of online shopping for lawn collection!

There is no possibility that you can buy your desired pieces of lawn suits in a physical market. Not that there is no variety since there actually are hundreds of designer brands and clothing markets to shop from. But the online market has again much to offer through an easier experience of online clothes shopping. Brands such as P let you shop for high-quality lawn dresses with a lot of variety and comfortable shopping methods.

You can always try and explore more options online to get the right fit as per your needs. As the summer season gets into full swing, you need to expand your lawn collection that you can use for daily wear and occasional events.

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