Facebook Advertisement and its Benefits 2019

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More than one billion people around the world are active on Facebook and now it is one of the biggest platform to connect people no matter what part of the world you are in. Back in 2004 Facebook was started out as a social network for college students but now used by almost everyone who has access to the internet. Whatever business you’re doing small or big you need Facebook advertisement to target the right audience as this platform is the most effective and targeted form of advertising. Especially paid advertisements are great for your business because they allow you to target the specific audience. According to Facebook claim, they’re 89% accurate when it comes to targeted campaigns. Facebook advertisement is very beneficial for every business, how? Let’s find out SMO Expert in Rawalpindi Islamabad!

Facebook Advertisement

  1. Facebook is where your customer spends most of their time:  It’s not a claim but a fact that most of your customers spend hours on Facebook. Almost 80% of all Internet users use this platform with 65% of adults, above the age of 65 years. Facebook has more than 1.85 billion users all over the world and most of them check their Facebook page multiple times a day. Even when they have nothing to do still they love to scroll and that is plus point for you. Your customers are using Facebook daily, multiple time per day and it’s up to you how your business advertisement so captivating to appeal them. You can easily target your audience as they are using it daily.
  2. Most Targeted Form of Advertising: Facebook is the perfect place to approach the exact audience you’re looking for. It is the most targeted form of advertising where you can advertise to people by interests, age, behavior and location. If you know exactly about your customers, Facebook advertisement is ideal to engage them.
  3. Cost Effective form of Advertising: As compared to other advertising methods, Facebook is the cheapest form. You can reach 1000 people by spending merely $5 while the same advertisement on TV, radio, billboards costs you thousands of dollars and attract the same audience.
  4. Fast and Effective: If you want immediate result than Facebook advertisement is best option for you. You can reach thousands of people even on first day. Thus, Facebook advertisement is best solution to get fast traffic and conversion for your site.
  5. Increases Brand Awareness:  Facebook advertisement is the best way to build your brand awareness. Through this you can make people get to know what you are offering. The more they know about your brand the more they will purchase your products when it is time to make decision.
  6. Increase Website Traffic: Facebook advertisements not just approach thousands of people but also increase the traffic on your website. It’s understood that your advertisement on Facebook make them to Google your official website which help you to generate website traffic. Website click campaign is the best option to target your specific audience and take them to your website. Facebook advertising is the cost-effective and most beneficial as compared to the other sources.
  7. Increases Revenue, Leads and Sales: Though Facebook advertising needs time and experience to increase sales but it surely gives you reward that you might not get at other platforms even after spending thousands of dollars. For this it is best to hire a specialist who is pro in this field.
  8. It is Quantifiable: The results of Facebook advertising are actually measurable. You can see whenever you want how many clicks, impressions and conversion you’re getting. To see the track conversions all you need is to install conversion pixels on your website. Your Facebook specialist will help you in this regard.
  9. Increases your Customer Attribution: Attribution is a number of times people see your brand and Facebook advertising helps to increase customer attribution. The more times they interact thru advertisement, the more likely they will convert. It also helps you to increase your touch points with your audience and leads to more conversions in the future.
  10. It can Engage Your Website Visitor: sometimes we visited a website and then saw their Facebook ad shortly after ever think why? Because it is one of advertising tactic called ‘remarketing’. The tactic of re-marketing enables you to advertise to the website of recent visitors. If someone visits your website but didn’t purchase anything or approach you, you can re-engage them with Facebook advertising. It is one of the best advantages of Facebook advertising that can dramatically boost your conversions.
  11. It can Drive Repeat Business: Facebook advertising not just engage your website visitors but also drive repeat business from previous customers. By using audience features you can import your customer emails into your Facebook advertising campaign. This helps you to advertise directly to the audiences that are most likely to purchase or contact you.
  12. Builds Engagement: Building engagement is beneficial for your business because it signifies a stronger connection with your audience and you can easily do it with Facebook advertising. It consists of likes, comments and interactions on your advertisement. Your connection is stronger when your audience is more engaged with you. Invest in social media management to increase your engagement.
  13. It can grow your Blog Traffic: No matter how great your blogs are, they are worthless without traffic. Blogs are great way to develop strong connection with audience and Facebook advertising is an ideal way to expose your blog to the masses and also to generate instant traffic. Advertising your blog help you to gain more trust and credibility with your audience.
  14. Increase your SEO rankings: SEO Islamabad or search engines totally base on social signals to rank websites and social signals encompasses activity on your social media content, including likes, shares and comments on your posts. With Facebook advertising you can increase your social signals which eventually increase your SEO rankings.
  15. It helps you to break into New Markets: With Facebook advertising you have a perfect opportunity to expand your business into new markets. Whether you’re introducing new service or launching new product in the market, Facebook advertising helps you to increase its exposure. You can test the market with Facebook advertising at your own pace.

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