How To Extract BKF File After Corruption?

Extract BKF File – After Heavy Corruption

When the backup file gets deleted after format of hard disk and recovered using some data recovery solution, the BKF header doesn’t get recovered properly during recovery then, the BKF file is called as heavily damaged BKF file.

In this situation, the users also face many error messages similar to this under mentioned error message, “There is no information contained in backup file”, any issue could be there behind the occurrence of this error message but, no matter which issue is there, if your BKF file is heavily damaged, its headers are also corrupted and you are not able to access its database then, you can use “Deep Scan” option of MS BKF Recovery software. After selection of this scanning option, the software will deeply scan the database of backup file in two rounds and will perform its complete information. All BKF headers will get extracted and entire data will also get recovered.

Extract BKF File – After Normal Corruption

When the BKF file gets corrupted due to normal reasons like malware infections, bad hard disk sectors, human faults, large volume of database, etc then, BKF file is called as a normally damaged BKF file.

In this situation as well, the users face many errors similar to these under mentioned error messages, “The backup file contains unrecognized data and cannot be used”, “Media Security Violation this media has been protected “, etc. To resolve all these error messages easily and perform quick BKF file recovery process, the ‘Quick Scan’ option of r software can be used. After selection of this option, the software quickly scans BKF file and carry out better database recovery.

One more option is available in this B Tool, which is Range-Based Scan option, this option is used to recover selected portion of data from corrupt BKF file.

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