How To Get Your Home Ready When Leaving On A Vacation

At first glance, getting your home ready for you leaving on a vacation is simple. When you actually start to do it, stress quickly piles up. If you do not properly plan, it is easy to feel overwhelmed. You do need to be organized and you need to be sure that you perform some tasks before leaving. This is exactly what is mentioned below. These are the most important things to do in order to get the home ready as you leave for a vacation.


You do not want to come back from a vacation and It is important to clean absolutely everything before you will leave. You also need to understand that cleaning the home will prevent many bad things from happening as you are away, like having fruit flies flourish as you are not home.

Since we are talking about cleaning, be sure that you remove everything from your refrigerator that can spoil.  You also have to take out the trash, which is what so many homeowners forget about when they leave. Being faced with pests and rancid smells is not great as you come back from a relaxing trip.

Check For Plumbing Leaks

If you have pipe leaks and you leave for a week or so, when you come back, your home might be faced with a lot of unwanted damage. Make sure that you contact specialist or where you live so that everything can be checked. Plumbers can identify leaks and get them fixed so you are sure you do not have to deal with water damage when you get back home.

Check Your Laundry

It is so simple to forget some obvious things as you clean your home and you worry about what to pack. For instance, the last laundry load you forgot to add to the dryer can still be there when you leave. Be sure that you check your washer and that you do not have to deal with the unwanted scenario in which you come back to a house that has a full laundry load.

Fire Precautions

You should unplug all the electronics that are not needed before you leave. This is going to keep your energy bill low and electrical fire risks are automatically reduced. You can so easily unplug several things like computers, unused chargers, TV sets and routers (unless they are used to power your home security system). Also, i or a fire alarm system, be sure it works.

Program The Thermostat

It is really easy to forget about setting the thermostat to the away program before you leave. If you have a thermostat that allows you to change temperature, use it. If not, just turn off the temperature altogether. However, if this is the option, you will need to be ready to wait until the home returns to a completely comfortable temperature as you get back home from your vacation.

Ask Friends To Gather Mail

Last but not least, be sure that you take the necessary steps to make it seem as if there is someone home before you leave on a vacation. This includes having someone you trust remove the mail from the mailbox. It is always better to do this than to stop the mail coming in as this is a clear sign that nobody is home.

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